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Cyanocost Dissemination






Team publications

Different genotypes of anatoxin-producing cyanobacteria coexist in the Tarn River, France

Cadel-Six S, Peyraud-Thomas C, Brient L, de Marsac NT, Rippka R, Méjean A.: 2007..    Appl. Environ. Microbiol.73:7605-7614.

A phycocyanin probe as a tool for monitoring cyanobacteria in freshwater bodies.

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Evidence of silver eels contamination by microcystin-LR at the onset of their seaward migration: what consequences for reeding potential ?

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First occurrence of cylindrospermopsin in freshwater in France

Brient L. , M. Lengronne, M. Bormans and J. Fastner. 2009.. Environ Toxicol.,24:415-20.

Impact of toxic cyanobacteria on gastropods and microcystin accumulation in a eutrophic lake (Grand-Lieu, France) with special reference to Physa (= Physella) acuta

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Detection of BMAA in the marine environment of a sporadic ALS cluster in southern France Masseret

E , Banack S , Boumediene F , Abadie E , Brient L , Vaquer A , et al . . Amyotroph Lateral Scler. 2011 ; 12(Suppl 1) : 21 .

Evidence of the cost of the production of microcystins by Microcystis aeruginosa under differing light and nitrate environmental conditions.

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