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Cyprus has only recently started monitoring phytoplankton for cyanobacteria cells (2010) therefore there is limited information on cyano-HABs occurrence, speciation and cyanotoxins. Consumer complaints regarding the quality of tap water (earthy taste) in the Limassol and Pafos districts initiated regular monitoring of phytoplankton in Cypriot dams, especially when persisting blooms appear. Among the cyanobacterial species identified are Anabaena bergii, Limnothrix sp, Planktothrix agardhii, Pseudanabaena catenata, Pseudanabaena limnetica, Oscillatoria sp, Aphanizomenon sp, and Microcystis sp. Since 2011, monthly checks on microcystins detection with ELISA kits on the input and output of water treatment facilities have been established with the measurements not exceeding 0,15 μg/L. When LC-MS-MS analysis was used in limited number of samples microcystin derivatives (LR, RR, and, YR) were identified at concentrations <1,0  μg/L. Additional testing includes actinomycetes (monthly) and taste and odor compounds (3 times/yr).