Team publications

Microcystins Contamination and Cyanoprokaryote Blooms in Some Coastal Bulgarian Wetlands

V. Pavlova, M. Stoyneva, P. Babica, J. Kohoutek, Z. Bratanova.

Conference Preprint Book, BULAQUA 2007, Second International Conference and Exhibition of Water Resources, Technologies and Services, Sofia, June 2007, pp. 221-226.  

Contamination of Some Reservoirs and Lakes in Republic of Bulgaria by Microcystins

V. Pavlova, P. Babica, D. Todorova, Z. Bratanova, B. Marálek.

Acta hydrochim. hydrobiol., Vol. 34, № 5, 2006, pp. 437-441.

Effect of temperature and light intensity on the growth, chlorophyll a concentration and microcystin production by Microcystis aeruginosa

Pavlova V., S. Furnadzhieva, J. Rose, R. Andreeva, Zl. Bratanova, A. Nayak.

General and Applied Plant Physiology – 2010, Volume 36 (3–4), 148–158 (2010)

Cyanoprokaryotes (Cyanobacteria) and Cyanotoxins in Some Bulgarian Reservoirs

Vera Pavlova, Maya Stoyneva, Zlatka Bratanova.

Journal of Balkan Ecology, vol. 16 (3), 257-260 (2013)