Team publications

Cyanobacterial blooms : toxicity, diversity, modelling and management “B-BLOOMS2”

J.-P. Descy, S. Pirlot, G. Verniers, L. Viroux, Y. Lara, A. Wilmotte, W. Vyverman, P. Vanormelingen, J. Van Wichelen, I. Van Gremberghe, L. Triest, A. Peretyatko , E. Everbecq, G. A. Codd.

Final Report. Brussels : Belgian Science Policy 2011 – 84 p. (Research Programme Science for a Sustainable Development) 

Strong effects of amoebae grazing on the biomass and genetic structure of a Microcystis bloom (Cyanobacteria)

Van Wichelen J., I. van Gremberghe, P. Vanormelingen, A.-E. Debeer, B. Leporcq, D. Menzel, G. A. Codd, J.-P. Descy and W. Vyverman 2010.

Environmental Microbiology and Environmental Microbiology Reports, (2010) 12(10), 2797–2813.

Variation of pigment ratios of phytoplankton across aquatic environments

Descy, J.-P., H. Sarmento & H. W. Higgins 2009. European Journal of Phycology, 44(3), 319-330.

Use of marker pigments and functional groups for assessing the status of phytoplankton assemblages in lakes

Sarmento, H. & J.-P. Descy, 2008. J. Appl. Phycol., 20:1001–1011